Grantee Resources

After a grant is conferred, the grantee shall provide an annual financial report to FFAR showing grant expenditures to date. The grantee shall also provide an annual progress report to FFAR showing activities being carried out under the grant, including but not limited to project accomplishments to date and grant expenditures. Within 30 days of completion of all grant activities, the grantee shall provide a final progress report. The final progress report should address the original objectives of the project as identified in the application, describe any changes in objectives, describe the final project accomplishments, and include a final project accounting of all grant funds.

If awarded, grantees will be expected to:

  • Agree to publish a pre-analysis plan which includes the abstract, hypothesis, project personnel (PI and key personnel), project duration, expected outcomes and award amount in a publicly accessible location.
  • During the study, notify FFAR of significant deviations from the pre-analysis plan.
  • Make the full data-set, the code used to analyze it, and any other necessary materials publicly available within six months of publishing the study.
  • Post a pre-print or working paper version within 8-12 weeks of submitting the study for publication, if journal allows pre-prints to be posted online.

See below for additional grantee resources. 

Communication Resources

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Grantee Forms and Requests

Grantees are required to sign several forms and must use specific forms to request changes to their project...learn more. 

Required Reports and Consequences Table

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Grant Outcomes

FFAR would like to hear about publications, inventions, papers, or conferences related to your research...learn more.