About the Pollinator Health Fund

The Pollinator Health Fund is a major new initiative from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research.  Established in response to the increasingly visible agricultural issue of declining pollinator health in agricultural systems, this program focuses on applied research that addresses the social and economic realities faced by beekeepers, farmers, ranchers, private businesses and others engaged in working toward addressing this problem.  The Pollinator Health Fund will bring together major stakeholders from the academic, nonprofit, public and private sectors to explore how to improve pollinator health by:

  • Understanding Multiple Interacting Stressors
  • Developing Best Management Practices and their Increasing Application
  • Accelerating Technology Transfer
  • Enhancing Outreach and Education


Open Funding Opportunity 

Accepting Pre-Proposals through April 17, 2017



ff85l4v0wom-sean-strattonPartner with FFAR

FFAR invites partners interested in the Pollinator Health Fund to join in the discovery of technology and information that can lead to healthy pollinator populations. The most promising research outcomes in pollinator health will emerge from collaborations between academia, government agencies, private industry, non-governmental organizations and producers.  With $10 million already committed to this program, FFAR seeks partner organizations who can contribute or match funds for a total investment of $20 million.  There are numerous ways to collaborate with FFAR. Contact us to learn more.

Learn More & Get in Touch:

Program Details


  • For more information about how to Get Involved, please contact:
    Shonda Andrews, Development Associate
    sandrews@foundationfar.org | 202.836.9961
  • To discuss specific pollinator health research interests, please contact:
    Tawny Mata, Scientific Program Director
    tmata@foundationfar.org | 202.836.9957



Introducing the Pollinator Health Fund

Thank you for participating in FFAR's January 23 webinar on the Pollinator Health Fund. Presenters discussed the Foundation's pollinator health research interests and future opportunities for proposal submission. 

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