Producing nutritious, affordable food on thriving farms requires ensuring that crops are efficient and produce greater yields with fewer inputs. FFAR’s Next Generation Crops Challenge Area develops non-traditional crops and creates new economic opportunities for conventional crops that will increase future crop diversity and farm profitability.

The Next Generation Crops research focuses on:

  • Crop diversification
  • Crop resiliency
  • Accelerated breeding methodologies

Next Generation Crops research aims to support the advancement of novel, nutritious, profitable and resilient farm crops. There is a strong emphasis on using new technologies to benefit consumers, producers and the environment.

Next Generation Crops Programs

Crops of the Future

The Crops of the Future Collaborative is a public-private, multi-participant consortium that accelerates global efforts to develop crops needed to meet food system challenges 20-50 years from now. The Consortium brings together leading companies and research organizations to leverage the knowledge, capabilities and financial resources of participants to expand the scientific understanding of traits that give rise to complex characteristics crops will need to adapt to changing environments.