Water is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century, especially for agriculture. The sustainable management of water is crucial to ensuring that agriculture can deliver nutritious, affordable food, grown on thriving farms. The Sustainable Water Management Challenge Area aims to enhance and protect an adequate supply of healthy natural waters to sustain long-term agricultural production and human/environmental health. FFAR seeks to fund cross-disciplinary research that directly informs decisions related to water management challenges throughout the production foodchain, and fosters broad-scale adoption of advanced management practices.

FFAR supports water research on:

  • Evaluation of potential or unrecognized threats to ground and surface water resources
  • Innovative designs and techniques for sustainable water management
  • Decision tools and modeling systems to support sustainable water management
  • Understanding stakeholder concerns and broadening engagement in advanced water resource management
  • Integrated monitoring and research to evaluate outcomes and inform sustainable water management


Sustainable Water Management Consortium

Irrigation Innovation Consortium

The Irrigation Innovation Consortium is a joint initiative between private, public and university organizations addressing growing water scarcity in the western U.S. and worldwide. This partnership capitalizes on existing strengths to develop powerful synergies between the universities, USDA-ARS, the Irrigation Association, the Irrigation Foundation, the Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research(FFAR) and numerous irrigation equipment manufacturers.