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Below is a listing of our awarded grants that tackle big food and agriculture challenges.

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Integrating Community and Modeling Efforts to Evaluate Impacts and Tradeoffs of Food System Interventions

Year Awarded   2017

FFAR award amount   $1,000,000

Total award amount   $2,000,000

Location   Ft. Collins, CO

Program   Tipping Points

Matching Funders   Colorado Food Policy Network, Colorado Food Systems Advisory Council, Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, Colorado Potato Administrative Committee, Colorado Wheat Research Committee, Colorado State University, City/County of Denver, Nourish Colorado, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Kaiser Permanente

While city-level policies are reducing food insecurity in Denver, Colorado, the state is lagging behind. Colorado State University researchers are building a computational model of the current food system to evaluate the potential for city-based food system policies and initiatives to support similar efforts throughout the state.

Evaluating Food Access Strategies in Austin, Texas

Year Awarded   2017

FFAR award amount   $996,560

Total award amount   $2,114,226

Location   Austin, TX

Program   Tipping Points

Matching Funders   Austin Public Health

In Austin, Texas, the city funded Fresh for Less farm stands, mobile markets and healthy corner stores to increase access to healthy foods. Sustainable Food Center, Inc. is examining the effects of Fresh for Less food access points on fruit and vegetable purchasing and consumption, food security and obesity. The results will inform the best ways to implement and expand the Fresh for Less program.

Defining Stressors to Manage Plasticity & Quality in Leafy Greens

Year Awarded   2017

FFAR award amount   $994,035

Total award amount   $1,989,030

Location   Newark, NJ

Matching Funders   AeroFarms

While current plant breeding research focuses on adapting plants to their environments, AeroFarms, Rutgers University and Cornell University, are investigating how to harness environmental conditions indoors to improve characteristics in plants. The project is improving the quality, taste and nutrition of leafy greens crops.

Fostering Innovative, Sustainable Urban Farming Methods to Meet Food Needs

Year Awarded   2017

FFAR award amount   $294,988

Total award amount   $590,189

Location   Berkeley, CA

Matching Funders   The Regents of the University of California

Ensuring urban agriculture can sustainably feed urban populations in the future requires understanding current urban agriculture challenges from a policy and systems perspective. University of California, Berkeley researchers are improving the sustainability and resilience of urban farms by building soil health, conserving water and promoting beneficial insects. The project will also evaluate the effectiveness of existing food access and food distribution methods for meeting food needs of urban food insecure communities and develop policy recommendations in collaboration with community stakeholders.

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