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Below is a listing of our awarded grants that tackle big food and agriculture challenges.

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402 Grants found

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Going Back to the Roots To Transform Soil Health into Yield

Year Awarded  2016

FFAR award amount   $285,083

Total award amount   $570,165

Location   Davis, CA

Matching Funders   UC Davis Dean's Office

Soil health management practices are promoted as feasible, complementary approaches to high-input strategies to increase food production and decrease agriculture’s environmental footprint. However, the role crop plants play in using soil health to increase yields is often overlooked. University of California, Davis researchers are transforming soil health into yield by exploring the relationship between root systems, soil health and crop productivity to identify how producers can grow resilient crops using sustainable practices at scale.

Using Eye Tracking to Better Understand Food Choices

Year Awarded  2016

FFAR award amount   $300,000

Total award amount   $600,000

Location   Ithaca, NY

Matching Funders   ADM Animal Nutrition, Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH

When consumers make food choices, they choose between nutritional content and more immediate attributes, such as taste. Cornell University researchers are promoting healthier food choices by highlighting certain attributes of food choices through laboratory and field experiments.