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Below is a listing of our awarded grants that tackle big food and agriculture challenges.

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FFAR and The Organic Center Fund Six Projects to Advance Organic Agriculture

Year Awarded   2022

Total award amount   $150,000

Location   Champaign, IL

Matching Funders   The Organic Center

This MOU between FFAR and The Organic Center resulted in six projects include determining the potential of organic agriculture to sequester carbon, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, reduce the environmental impacts from fertilizers and pesticides and build resilience to a changing climate.

AgMission™ Grant Aims to Improve Climate-Smart Farming Adoption

Year Awarded   2022

FFAR award amount   $150,000

Total award amount   $400,000

Location   Federal Way, WA

Program   AgMission

Matching Funders   Syngenta Foundation of Sustainable Agriculture and World Vision

Climate change is threatening agriculture globally, and small-scale farmers in low- and middle-income countries are particularly vulnerable. To strengthen their resilience, FFAR and Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture (SFSA) awarded a $300,000 competitive grant to World Vision through AgMission, an initiative co-created by FFAR and the World Farmers’ Organisation to unlock agriculture’s potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This joint investment will enable in-depth examination of small-scale farmer adoption of climate-smart agriculture in India, Kenya and Bangladesh.

FFAR Grant Promotes Sorghum Health Benefits

Year Awarded   2022

FFAR award amount   $846,991

Total award amount   $1,721,129

Location   Clemson, South Carolina

Program   Seeding Solutions

Matching Funders   Clemson University and Carolina Seed Systems, Inc.

(FFAR) is providing a $846,991 Seeding Solutions grant to Clemson University to study sorghum plant properties that enhance beneficial compounds in commercial sorghum, while preserving the crop’s dual use as animal feed.

FFAR Grant Advances Equitable Food Access

Year Awarded   2022

FFAR award amount   $1,000,000

Total award amount   $2,086,928

Location   Cleveland, OH

Matching Funders   Modeling the Future of Food in Your Neighborhood Study Partners

The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) is awarding an additional $1 million grant to Case Western Reserve University to build upon a 2018 Tipping Points grant by assessing efforts to improve food system equity through coordinated community-initiated engagement.

FFAR Vet Fellows Fourth Cohort

Year Awarded   2022

Total award amount   $10,000 per student

Location   Washington, D.C.

Matching Funders   American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC)

The Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) announced the 13 recipients of the 2022 Veterinary Student Research Fellowships (Vet Fellows) in partnership with the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC). This fellowship creates opportunities for veterinary students to pursue research on global food security and sustainable animal production.

UC Davis Receives FFAR Grant to Help Improve Vineyard Soil Health

Year Awarded   2022

FFAR award amount   $999,003

Total award amount   $2,600,000

Location   Davis, CA

Program   Seeding Solutions

Matching Funders   Jackson Family Wines

Regenerative agriculture, which uses holistic farming and grazing practices to strengthen soil health and crop productivity, may help grape vines become more resilient to changing climate conditions. However, more research is needed to increase adoption of regenerative agriculture practices on vineyards. FFAR awarded a Seeding Solutions grant to the University of California, Davis to assess the effects of regenerative practices on vineyard soil health.

Kirchner Food Fellowship HBCU 2022-23 Cohort

Year Awarded   2022

Location   Jacksonville, FL and Washington, D.C.

Matching Funders   The Kirchner Impact Foundation

The Kirchner Food Fellowship, an initiative of the Kirchner Impact Foundation, announced the fellows for the second Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) cohort. As a pioneering program in developing the next generation of venture capital in food and agriculture, the program launched the dedicated HBCU cohort to help address the lack of diversity within the venture capital sector.

PIP Indoor Tomato Farming Project

Year Awarded   2022

Total award amount   $2,112,454

Location   Gainesville, FL

Matching Funders   AeroFarms, BASF, Fluence by OSRAM, GreenVenus, Priva

Controlled environment agriculture is a promising opportunity to sustain and develop our food systems despite climate change. Yet, there is still limited knowledge of the conditions popular crops need to thrive indoors. Controlled environment agriculture’s potential is also hampered by scientists’ lack of understanding of genetic advantages that can smooth a crop’s transition to indoor farming. University of Florida researchers are defining and enhancing the physical and genetic traits in tomatoes that affect flavor and that can make them suitable for controlled environments.

Tribal Agriculture Fellowship Inaugural Cohort

Year Awarded   2022

FFAR award amount   $2,500,000 over five years

Location   Fayetteville, AR

Matching Funders   Farm Credit, Farmer MacJohn Deere and Native American Agriculture Fund

The Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research and the Native American Agriculture Fund created the Tribal Agriculture Fellowship (TAF) program to create opportunities for students to advance their education in agriculture, increase specialized knowledge and promote sustainability of agriculture in Tribal communities. The TAF program selected 10 students to its inaugural cohort to advance their education and careers in an agriculture-related field. TAF is a fellowship program dedicated solely to supporting the educational and professional development of Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian students pursuing technical, undergraduate and graduate degrees in agriculture.

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